List of helpful links.

For listing of approved credit counseling agencies who do on-line credit counseling:

For information, including addresses, about the three Bankruptcy Court Districts in Georgia:

For reliable information about bankruptcy generally:

Note that most of the information available online is from lawyers or law firms and tends to be more marketing material and useable information.  Much of that is State or Court specific and may or may not apply in any way to bankruptcy cases in Georgia. Often it is generated by less skillful lawyers who feel the need to advertise more than others who can rely on referrals or reputation.  Proceed with caution.

For information about the Making Home Affordable Act (Federal law providing for non-bankruptcy debt restructuring):

For directory information for lawyers in Georgia and elsewhere:

For access to the Federal Bankruptcy Code and Rules and the Georgia Code:

For the American Bar Association, the American Bankruptcy Law Institute, and the State Bar of Georgia:

    For information about the Middle District of Georgia Chapter 13 Trustees:

    Columbus, Albany, Valdosta Divisions

    Macon, Athens Divisions

      For free, online information about specific Chapter 13 cases:

      Note that this is the National Data Center.  We discourage our clients for from using the NDC for information about their cases.  The NDC is easy to access and free but the information tends to be misleading, often not current, and sometimes dead wrong. Proceed with caution